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All Employees of CXJ RFID Silicone Factory in Fire Emergency Drill

Published byEdith atJuly 09,2020

CXJ Employees in Fire Emergency Drill

On November 4, 2019, in order to test the ability of the industrial park to deal with the fire, the Fucheng street safety supervision union community carried out the fire emergency drill in Yongda industrial park. All the employees of CXJ RFID silicone factory actively cooperated and participated in the drill.

At the beginning of the drill, all the staff in the park shall evacuate in an orderly manner through the fire stairs according to the designated evacuation route and reach the safety area in the first time. After the collection, each group counts the number of people to ensure that each employee evacuation safety. Emergency response team quickly dispatched, put on the fire protection clothing, ready for fire equipment, the professional explained the use of the fire extinguisher to everyone in detail, and then we took turns to use the fire extinguisher, the simulated fire disposal. During the fire response drill, all the employees of CXJ took orderly actions according to the drill plan and successfully completed the drill.

In this emergency drill, all CXJ employees received a profound fire safety education, which provided practical experience and foundation for future fire control work, and also laid a stable foundation for the safe production of CXJ RFID silicone factory. Although the emergency drill is over, we will put the safety of work first! CXJ insists on safety production first, we can be your reliable partner.

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