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NFC Anti-counterfeiting Traceability Solution | Reject Counterfeit Products

Published byEdith atDecember 05,2023

NFC anti-counterfeiting helps to identify the authenticity of products and protect the value and interests of the brand.

Does NFC anti-counterfeiting have value that is demanded by the market

Does NFC anti-counterfeiting have value that is demanded by the market?

Several girls gather together to talk about skin care products, bags and other light luxury products; boys gather together and may discuss the recently acquired Aj shoes, figures, brand-name watches, etc. However, with the improvement of living standards, people's purchasing power has soared, and many fakes and high imitations are also mixed in the authentic brand products circulating in the market. How can we confirm that what we are buying is the authentic brand? In order to protect the value and interests of the brand, the NFC anti-counterfeiting traceability solution is to help identify the authenticity of the product.

Recently, the RFID+NFC anti-counterfeiting traceability system independently developed by CXJ has made it possible to solve this problem. Read the data stored in the NFC mobile phone and the NFC tag, read out all the production, sales, and secondary transfer information recorded and stored in the NFC anti-counterfeiting tag to determine the authenticity of the product. The labels used for anti-counterfeiting are generally fragile labels (tear and destroy) to prevent others from fraudulently recycling the labels. At the same time, it adopts the core technology of high encryption level, "one object, one core, one secret", to more effectively prevent information from being second tampering.

NFC anti-counterfeiting solution work mode diagram

In the prosperous e-commerce market, China is suffering from many fakes and difficulty in safeguarding rights. Traditionally, the solution to counterfeit goods is to rely on the traceability system to determine the responsible party, but once cross-border commodities are involved, the efficiency of the traceability system becomes very low.

Use CXJ NFC anti-counterfeiting, three steps to easily identify the authenticity of the goods

The RFID+NFC anti-counterfeiting traceability system solves the pain points of traditional anti-counterfeiting traceability, the intelligent anti-counterfeiting of NFC technology, under the encryption protection of the entire encryption algorithm, data interaction, Chuangxinjia NFC anti-counterfeiting APP is equivalent to a key to open the door of the encryption algorithm.

Combination of RFIDNFC anti-counterfeiting labels with products & apps

Make the product authenticity identification easier, only three simple steps, a few seconds to identify the authenticity:
1. Turn on the phone's network and NFC function
2. Open CXJ NFC anti-counterfeiting APP
3. The mobile phone is close to the NFC anti-counterfeiting chip of the product for reading
If the product is a genuine product, the mobile phone screen will display the product as a genuine product, along with other detailed information such as the manufacturer of the product. ; If it is a counterfeit product, it will be prompted accordingly.

Use CXJ NFC anti-counterfeiting, three steps to easy identify the authenticity of the goods

CXJ anti-counterfeiting traceability system uses NFC+RFID, advanced anti-counterfeiting traceability verification and other information technology methods to help consumers provide convenient and authoritative verification services, can help brand companies provide effective protection methods, and can help e-commerce platforms provide powerful anti-counterfeiting traceability support.
NFC anti-counterfeiting can solve the damage and trouble caused by counterfeit products for brand owners. If you are still flooding with fakes, which makes your corporate image or brand price problem troubled, please contact us as soon as possible!
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