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RFIDSilicone, One Of The Best China RFID Wristbands Manufacturers

Published byEdith atJuly 16,2021

One of the best China RFID wristbands manufacturers - CXJ RFID Silicone

CXJ RFID Silicone, registered as Shenzhen Chuangxinjia RFID Tag Co., Ltd. has more than 15 years of experience as an OEM & ODM in the silicon rubber and RFID technology fields.Through this experience, we pride ourselves in offering the very best in silicone-RFID solutions. 

CXJ is more than a traditional manufacturer, we are a manufacturing partner with a focus on providing IOT solutions to our customers though our in-house production and R&D support.

CXJ RFID Silicone is one of the best RFID wristbands manufacturers in China

Established in 2005, CXJ has witnessed the technological innovation from smart card to rfid tag, the overall change of market products. At present, CXJ RFID silicone has developed into a National High-Tech Enterprise, which is specialized in the integration of production, market and research. Starting from the PVC card and smart card factory with only 33 workers, CXJ has accomplished the successful transition from traditional manufacturing industry to IOT technology enterprise(RFID technology development). With the accumulation of dozens of software copyrights and utility new inventions and patents, CXJ RFID silicone has been rewarded as "National High-Tech Enterprise", "Shenzhen High-Tech Enterprise", and has become an integrated enterprise which focuses on research, production and market. Meanwhile, by adopting the "Military + School + Family" corporate culture concept, accompanied by the continuous innovation of business model and marketing model, plus the B2B, B2C platform and excellent sales team, Chuangxinjia sells its products all over the world. Through years of efforts, the clients group has been expanded into various fields, like the five continents transport, electronic communications, tourism culture, animal husbandry and aquaculture, health care, financial services and so on.

CXJ RFID Silicone Factory, China RFID Manufacturer

We have 4 modern and high standard RFID tags production lines:

  1. Antenna production line with monthly output of 30,000,000: Roll to roll printing machines, Antenna compound machines, Machines for erosion and engraving.

  2. RFID smart card production line with monthly output of 50,000,000: Brand-new CTP machines, 2 Heidelberg offset printing machines, 4 full automatic card punching machine, 12 compounding machines, all in one encoding&coding machine.

  3. RFID tag production line with monthly output of 30,000,000: 6 RFID flip-chip machines, Compound and die cutting machines, Laminating machines. Single& double station tag inspection machine, Multi-function affixture machine.

  4. PVC card production line with monthly output of 40,000,000 pieces cards: Brand-new CTP machines, 2 Heidelberg offset printing machines, and 12 compounding machines.

Reliable RFID wristbands manufacturers in china

CXJ is more than just a factory, we want to be your partner in manufacturing. If you are looking for the reliable rfid wristbands manufacturers in china, please contact CXJ RFID Silicone Factory at [email protected]!