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What Are RFID Wristbands Using In Our Daily Life?

Published byEdith atMarch 19,2024

What Are RFID Wristbands Using In Our Daily Life

RFID wristband is comfortable to wear and widely used in daily life, such as  in the field of travelling, medical, events, exhibitions, amusements attendance etc. It is made of 100% eco-friendly silicone, Waterproof, moisture proof, shockproof and high temperature resistant. The adjustable silicone wristband is slowly replacing the traditional card-type identification, convenient to wear and use makes it more and more popular in our lives.

What are RFID wristbands used in consumer industry?

The RFID wristband is one kind of RFID-shaped card that can be worn on the wrist, convenient and durable. It is made of  environmentally-friendly silicone material, comfortable to wear , beautiful in appearance and decorative. It can be divided into disposable wristbands and reusable wristbands.
The RFID wristband is mainly used in our daily life, such as catering consumption, SPA, swimming and fitness etc, simplifying the member procedure and saving time, it is very convenient to carry and use.

What are RFID wristbands used in consumer industry

What are RFID wristbands used in medical industry?

RFID wristbands are widely used in the medical industry. When there is large number of injured people at the disaster site, the medical staff initially confirmed the situation of each sufferer , and then help them wear an RFID wristband which recorded with their own information.   By scanning their wristbands, the doctor can determine which patients need the first time to perform the surgery and which patients can go to the back site for treatment. What is more , the information sent to the mobile hospital in advance through the scanning chip can help the doctor to determine the surgical plan in advance, so that they  could start the operation performance at once when the sufferers arrived the hospital.
 Each save of 1 second in rescue can save many lives.  According to the data analysis, the “RFID wristband + surgery ” system could increase the efficiency 3 times or more than the traditional disaster surgery.

What are RFID wristbands used in nursery school?

The RFID wristband is suitable for kindergarten children management.  By adding the locator into the reader and RFID wristbands, and then embed the voice synthesis chip into it , the wristbands can reverses the accurate ID information and the located information to the computer, then the system can process Clearly reflect the location of the children, you can also be reminded on time by setting the information in advance. RFID readers can be installed at specific locations in the kindergarten's doorways, passages, and some relatively remote corners etc , it could receive the information from all electronic tags in the area.

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