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China Mobile Will Exceed the 2020 5G Base Station Construction Task

Published byEdith atApril 23,2024

China Mobile Will Exceed the 2020 5G Base Station Construction Task

Judging from the situation introduced by China Mobile Vice President Li Huidi at the "China Informatization Hundreds" meeting, China Mobile has made important progress in 5G network construction and application development.

No doubt that the annual 5G base station construction task has been exceeded

In 2020, despite the impact of the epidemic, China Mobile has built about 300,000 5G base stations across the country in less than a year, and 5G networks have been deployed in more than 300 cities.
China Mobile is expected to complete the annual 5G base station construction target this month (September). For example, in Shenzhen, the annual goal of building 15,000 base stations will be achieved in September. With the strong support of the Shenzhen government, the construction progress far exceeds the time schedule.
Li Huidi introduced that from GSMA's second quarter statistics, the number of 5G connections worldwide has exceeded 50 million, and one of every two 5G connections comes from China Mobile.

Wide coverage of 5G network

China Mobile's 5G signal has fully covered all cities and some developed towns, as well as 8 high-speed railways including Beijing-Xiong, Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong, 23 highways including Hangzhou-Ningbo and Guangzhou-Shenzhen, 54 airports and high-speed rail stations. It is worth mentioning that China Mobile's 5G signal can be described as "from the sky to the earth" ---up to 8,848 meters from the top of Mount Everest and 534 meters below the mine.
The NSA network has basically achieved full outdoor coverage in key cities, and 50 cities have reached the level of quality networks.
At present, 250,000 SA base stations have been connected to the network, and 40 cities have SA commercial capabilities. The SA network will comprehensively improve the uplink coverage and speed level, and further support functions such as slicing and edge computing. At the same time, it has the ability to evolve to R16. The air interface delay and reliability are expected The performance will be further enhanced to meet the all-round needs of industry applications and users.

Guarantee accuracy and efficiency in various industries

In the fight against the epidemic, China Mobile has completed 5G rapid deployment in 64 Xiaotangshan hospitals (36 hours for Huoshenshan and 72 hours for Thunder Mountain).
Up to now, China Mobile's 5G medical system has served more than 5,500 medical institutions.

A high percentage of core network cloudification

In addition, China Mobile is vigorously advancing the deployment of network cloudification, and has built the world's largest NFV cloud-based core network, with a network cloud scale of more than 60,000 servers, supporting 18 types of services to the cloud, and providing the equivalent of approximately 3,000 traditional network elements The core network cloudification ratio has reached 75%, and it will achieve 100% cloudification in 2025.

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