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3 Best Basic Types of NFC application

Published byEdith atApril 23,2024

NFC wristband is the most popular form of NFC tag packaging

In recent years, NFC has become a popular near-field communication technology. Mobile phone brands such as Apple, Huawei, and Samsung have launched mobile phone models with NFC function, and their applications have become increasingly widespread. I am Edith. Hope more people understand how NFC makes our lives more convenient and smart, I will introduce specific applications of NFC with examples.

In general, NFC is mainly divided into three basic application types: cashless payment, anti-counterfeiting traceability and social sharing.

Cashless payment application

NFC bus card function

NFC payment applications mainly refer to applications that simulate bank cards and all-in-one cards on mobile phones with NFC functions. NFC payment applications can be divided into two parts: open-loop applications and closed-loop applications. Although mobile phone companies such as Xiaomi have launched the NFC bus card function of their mobile phones on a trial basis in some cities, they generally still need a service fee. But I believe that with the popularity of NFC mobile phones and the continuous maturity of NFC technology, the one-card system will gradually support the application of NFC mobile phones.

Anti-counterfeiting application

NFC security applications

NFC security applications are mainly to virtualize mobile phones into access control cards, electronic tickets, etc. The NFC virtual access card is to write the existing access card data into the NFC of the mobile phone so that the access control function can be realized by using the mobile phone with the NFC function block without using a smart card. The NFC virtual electronic ticket application is that after the user purchases the ticket, the ticketing system sends the ticket information to the mobile phone. The mobile phone with the NFC function can virtualize the ticket information into an electronic ticket, and you can directly swipe the mobile phone at the ticket check. The application of NFC in security systems is an important field of NFC applications in the future, and the prospects are very broad.

Social sharing

Social media sharing NFC Tags

The application of the NFC tag or NFC wristband is to write some information into an NFC tag, and the user only needs to wave the NFC tag with an NFC mobile phone to get the relevant information immediately. For example, businesses can put NFC tags containing posters, promotional information, and advertisements at the entrance of the store. Users can use NFC phones to obtain relevant information according to their needs and can log in to social networks and share details or goodies with friends.

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