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The Introduction About What Are RFID Wristbands

Published byEdith atApril 23,2024

What are RFID wristbands?

RFID wristbands are one of the popular RFID tags. Because RFID chips are encapsulated in different materials such as silicone, fabric, nylon, PVC, paper, etc., and have wearability and decoration, we called them RFID wristband. RFID wristbands use radio frequency to transmit data to transmit information to back-end computers. They are widely used in music festivals, water parks and even conventions.

A variety of CXJ wristbands with RFID chips

What is RFID wristband technology?

Like other RFID tags, RFID wristbands are a kind of radio frequency automatic identification technology. It uses radio frequency for non-contact two-way data communication, as well as reading and writing to recording media(electronic tags or radio frequency cards). In order to achieve the purpose of identification and data exchange. This RFID radio frequency identification technology is considered to be one of the most promising information technologies in the 21st century and is changing our way of life.

When reading the encoded information, the RFID wristband reader transmits the information. The tag then receives the transmission and provides an identification number. The information on the RFID wristband can be modified in real time and protected by encryption and passwords. Smart RFID wristband tags can store information from vouchers to social media files.

Storage capacity of RFID wristband

The storage capacity of the RFID wristband depends on the chip type of the tag. A passive RFID wristband tag can store up to 3.72 kilobytes, enough to store names, addresses and credit card numbers. Among them, UHF wristband tags can be up to 8 kilobytes, while RFID tags used for access control are usually 3 kilobytes or less. Passive RFID wristband tags represent work that can be inside non-conductive materials and without batteries.

What are the benefits of RFID wristband applications for event festivals?

RFID wristband technology is very practical for event organizers. The first is its reading speed. Unlike barcode wristbands, RFID wristbands have a high processing capacity, allowing workers at the entrance to scan multiple tags in minutes. Then, they do not need line of sight because they can be scanned at a certain reading distance. The RFID wristband can be reprogrammed to prevent loss or theft. They can also be connected to other devices to prevent children from entering certain areas (children’s playgrounds or kindergartens, etc.). However, RFID wristbands cannot be used as tracking devices. Since most RFID wristbands operate at high frequencies, they can only locate participants in the venue (within a certain range).

What are the functions of RFID wristband?

In our impression, the RFID wristband is just a bracelet that allows you to enter concerts, theme parks, hotels, etc. without in-depth understanding.

  1. Cashless payment
    The wristband technology allows customers to pay without cash, similar to a credit card. Participants can add their payment information to the RFID tag before the event.
  2. Self-check-in
    RFID systems speed up the entry process because they can be pre-authorized before being sent to customers, allowing them to check in after arriving at the scene.
  3. Access control
    RFID wristbands can be scanned at the entrance, reducing the need to bring tickets to events.
  4. Real-time analysis of data
    RFID systems are of great help to organizers. They can record peak hours, queue times and popular attractions.
  5. Data transmission
    The RFID scanner has a coded radio signal to identify the tag, which is connected to a database containing customer information.

RFID wristbands of different materials are attractive!

RFID wristbands are designed in a variety of ways, and can be applied to various places or applications that require waterproof, heat-resistant, reusable or disposable. According to the material of the wristband, it can be divided into the following categories:

RFID silicone wristband

This wristband material is soft and comfortable, non-toxic, waterproof, heat-resistant and durable. It is very suitable for swimming pools, hospitals, hotel management, amusement parks, exhibitions, carnivals and other environments. The high-quality silicone wristband is brightly colored, does not fade, and does not cause any damage to the skin.
Colorful high-quality silicone RFID wristband

RFID fabric wristband

This kind of wristband is more called RFID festival wristband, which is fashionable and dynamic, and is loved by many young people. Bracelets and RFID tags can be combined in any combination. Both the label surface and the bracelet can be printed on the sponsor's brand information. This is a perfect marketing method for your brand to be seen by more people.
Wave your hand and RFID fabric wristbands at the event!

RFID PVC wristband

Multi-layer PVC material, which has the characteristics of tensile resistance, comfort and durability. PVC wristbands are relatively cheap. Compared with ordinary paper wristbands, the waterproof performance is better and more durable. The medical community prefers this wristband. Water parks, attraction tickets, carnivals, children's parks, etc. also often provide this service.
Cheap waterproof RFID PVC wristband

RFID paper wristband

This is a disposable wristband, which is light and low cost. It is an economic choice for intelligent identification, tracking and access control. It is very suitable for large-scale events or projects with tight budgets, such as amusement parks, concerts, sports events, exhibitions, etc. A good paper wristband supports full color printing, and the color reduction is up to 95%.
Disposable RFID Tyvek paper wristbands

Comparison of different materials RFID wristband

Classification Price (A˃D) Features Applications
RFID silicone wristband A Soft and comfortable, non-toxic and waterproof, heat-resistant and durable, will not fade, will not cause any damage to the skin. Swimming pool, hospital, GYM,hotel management, amusement park, etc.
RFID fabric wristband B Stylish and dynamic, the brand information is printed on the label surface and bracelet. Festivals, events, exhibitions, carnivals, etc.
RFID PVC wristband C Tensile, comfortable, durable, and waterproof performance is better than paper bowl belt. Hospitals, attractions tickets, carnivals, children's parks, etc.
RFID paper wristband D One-time use, the paper wristband supports full-color printing, which is very suitable for large-scale events. Amusement parks, concerts, sports events, exhibitions, etc.

The difference between passive RFID wristband, active wristband and semi-passive wristband

Passive RFID wristband

The passive radio frequency identification wristband has no built-in battery, and the wristband tag obtains energy through the induced current when it enters the magnetic field and sends a signal. The reading distance is within 10 cm, and the special equipment can reach about 1 meter. The operating frequency is mainly 135KHz and 13.56MHz. CXJ RFID Silicone Wristband Factory are one of professional passive RFID wristband supplier inShenzhen, China.

Active wristband

The active RFID wristband actively sends signals through the built-in battery to achieve long-distance reception and reading. It is often used for remote management applications such as baby safety, warehouse goods batch management and other occasions that need to be read and located. The reading distance can reach more than 100 meters, and the general working frequency is 433MHz, 900MHz, 2.45GHz, 5.8GHz.

Semi-passive wristband

The semi-passive wristband is a wristband between active and passive to make up for some of the shortcomings of the two. Inside the battery, but the battery only supplies power to the internal circuit of the tag and does not actively send a signal. Its energy transmission mode is similar to a passive system, so its service life is much longer than that of a general active system.

The most common RFID wristband systems in parks and festivals are often passive tags because low-power waves activate the chip to identify the wearer.

What are the applications and benefits of RFID wristbands?

RFID wristbands have many applications. The main application environment is as follows:

Hotel Management

RFID wristbands for hotels are often used for access control, such as cashless payment, access control and activity areas.
For example, in Ibiza, Spain, known as the "European Summer Night Pub Capital", a hotel launched a new method: let guests pick up and wear RFID silicone wristbands at check-in. This RFID wristband is not only a room card, but also a quick payment function within the hotel business area. With the help of RFID wristband technology, guests can also upload pictures of hotels and events to Facebook, which brings extraordinary exposure to the hotel and provides guests with a valuable interactive experience.

Event management

For concerts, sports events, conferences and other large-scale events, RFID wristbands are not only a smart and convenient ticket, but also play an important role in other aspects.
One of the benefits of using RFID wristband technology at the event is that managers can scan multiple wristbands at once, and they only need to wave it on the sensor, and participants can quickly enter the venue. The event organizer is easier to operate, no longer requires special personnel training and interpretation scanning equipment, and can also reduce the number of staff. Another benefit gained by using RFID wristbands in activities is the elimination of fraud. Because each chip has a unique code, this electronic ticket cannot be copied and is not as easy to print and counterfeit as a traditional lottery ticket. RFID wristbands can also help them understand how many people are participating and plan accordingly.

​​Medical industry management

The hospital is used to accurately identify patients, prevent medication and nursing errors, avoid medical errors and medical disputes, improve efficiency and save lives.
For example, in the case of a large number of injured people at the disaster site, medical staff can first determine the patient's injury by wearing an RFID wristband. By scanning the wristband, the doctor can determine which patients need immediate surgery and which can transfer treatment to accelerate effective treatment. When scanning the RFID wristband, the information will be sent to the mobile hospital in advance to help the doctor determine the operation plan in advance. Preliminary calculations show that the system can increase the efficiency of traditional catastrophic surgery by more than three times.

Entertainment Center Management

Entertainment centers such as swimming pools, gyms, water parks, amusement parks and theaters also favor RFID wristbands. Because the RFID wristband can greatly improve work efficiency and management level, effectively eliminate financial loopholes, ensure the economic benefits of enterprises, and implement a full range of real-time monitoring and management.
Disneyland has launched an RFID wristband. Visitors can interact with the resort’s facilities simply by sliding their wristbands. According to personal experience, this wristband replaces the paper ticket as a hotel room key, payment account, quick queue reservations, and records the interaction of tourists with cartoon characters and their location information.

Campus safety management

The RFID wristband can be written into the location function, accurately knowing when students arrive and leave school. When students leave the campus for rape and coercion, or leave school for school hours, the system will issue a warning to inform the relevant personnel, direct management and disposal measures, effectively master the whereabouts of students, prevent students from being persecuted, and supervise the safety management of students.

Transportation applications

The RFID wristband has a payment function and can be used directly as a bus card or subway card. Its transportation is very convenient, you don't have to worry about losing it like losing a card.

Social media interaction

Customers can link their social media accounts to their wristbands so that organizers and brands can introduce their activities and enhance the wearer' s experience. In addition, it also allows them to sign in, like and tweet.

Of course, in addition to the above application environment, you can also find the use of RFID in other places. With the development of RFID technology, RFID wristbands will be applied to more fields. If you have any consultation about RFID wristband solutions, get more suggestions and information about RFID wristbands and RFID chips, please feel free to contact us!

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