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Introduction of Two UHF RFID Readers For RFID Wristbands

Published byEdith atApril 23,2024

The UHF RFID reader is a perfect match with various RFID wristband

We (CXJ RFID wristband factory) focus on the development and production of various RFID wristbands. When negotiating RFID wristband solutions with customers, we must consider what RFID readers are suitable for RFID wristbands. Today, we introduce two RFID readers for use with wearable RFID wristbands. The high-performance UHF RFID wristband reader is flexible and can be easily deployed to manage the corresponding RFID wristband and RFID system solutions.

UHF All-In-One Reader & UHF RFID Desktop Reader suitable for RFID wristbands

First, let's get to know the high-performance "UHF All-In-One Reader" CJ2503A for RFID wristbands

UHF All-In-One reader CJ2503A is a high-performance UHF One-Piece Reader which integrated antenna and reader, and support ISO18000-6C/6B protocols. It's working frequency covers national standard dual frequency: 920MHz~925MHz, 840MHz~845MHz, FCC: 902MHz-928MHz, ETSI: 865MHz-868 MHz and JP: 916MHz-920MHz. It's output power is 0dBm-33dBm, and it has many good features, like long distance identification, fast speed, strong multi-label identification, strong anti-interference, high level protection and easy installing.

Product Feature

  1. Using Impinj R2000 RF Platform.
  2. IP66 protection, adapt to work outside all weather.
  3. CPU:ARM9 platform, basic frequency is 400MHz.
  4. Support ISO18000-6B/6C dual protocol.
  5. Built-in Linux 2.6 operating system, support customer’s customized and extendable development.
  6. Support variety of communication interfaces, like RJ-45/RS-232/RS-485/Wiegand etc.
  7. Built-in 9dBi circular polarization antenna.
  8. Support one external antenna to achieve one driving two devices set up.

High-performance UHF All-In-One Reader CJ2503A for RFID wristbands

Main Technical Specification

Physical Parameter Size 290mm×290mm×115mm
Weight About 2.5kg(Not including accessory)
Shell material Alloy+PC
Power DC 24V/2.5A
Working Power consumption 20W(Output Power 30dBm)
UHF RFID Protocol ISO18000-6B/6C
Frequency GB: 920~925MHz, 840MHz~845MHz
FCC: 902~928MHz
ETSI: 865~868MHz
JP: 916~920MHz(Optional)
Output Power 033dBm(adjustable by software)
Power Regulation 1dB Step
Spectrum bandwidth <200kHz
Spectrum Stability ≤±10ppm
External Interface RJ-45,RS232,RS485, Wiegand
Operating Mode Fixed Frequency or Frequency hopping mode
RJ-45 communication rate 10M/100M self-adaptive
RS-232 interface Baud Rate 115200bps(Default)
I/O 2 relay output/ 2 optical coupler input
Reading speed >400 time/s
Antenna Built-in 9dBi circular polarization antenna, and support on external antenna
Reading distance 010m (According to the label performance and using environment)
Writing distance 05m (According to the label performance and using environment)
Working Environment Working temperature -30+70°C
Storage temperature -40+85°C
Humidity 10%95% RH Without condensation
 Support Document Demo, API, Developing guide

Typical Applications

  1. Intelligent vehicle management, like vehicle access control, ETC, Customs  Clearance, Parking, Automatic Car Weighing Industry etc
  2. Automatic manufacturing, visual management etc
  3. Logistics Industry, like container management, pallet management
  4. Electronic Ticket, Card sender and Person Access control
  5. Asset warehousing management

Then, let's understand the functionality of UHF RFID Desktop Reader

UHF RFID desktop card reader CJ2502C with mini shape, easy to carry, suitable for assembly line location management, entrance guard, books, document management, electronic tag reading and writing as well as the background, authorization, formatting, such as operation, can be read card, writing card format, authorization, etc.


  1. Mini type, Provide independent encode software.
  2. Support ISO18000-6C protocol.
  3. USB 2.0 communication interface support.
  4. Support protocol control and keyboard input modes.

UHF RFID desktop card reader CJ2502C

Main technical performance index

Physical Parameter Size Dia89.6mm*10.1mm
Modes indicator Protocol control modes: Red  indicator light
Keyboard input modes: Green indicator light
UHF RFID Protocol ISO18000-6C
Frequency GB: 920~925MHz  or  FCC: 902~928MHz
Output Power 25dBm±1dBm(Max)
Power Regulation 1dB
External Interface Type-C USB
Spectrum Stability ≤±10ppm
Channel Bandwidth <250kHz
Operating Mode Fixed frequency or frequency-hopping mode
Reading Distance 020cm (According to the label performance and the label working environment)
Writing Distance 010cm ( According to the label performance and the label working environment )
Working Environment Working Temperature -20+70°C
Storage Temperature -40+85°C
Humidity 10%95% RH Without condensation

Typical application  

  1. Assembly line management
  2. Tag read/write, authorization, formatting, and normal operation
  3. Eectronic tickets, entrance guard card machine and personnel
  4. Management of assets and assets

Two UHF readers have introduced above, which can be used in conjunction with the application site and the required functions. It is not only suitable for matching with RFID wristbands, but also a richer combination partner with other RFID products. If you have more ideas, please leave a message to discuss it with us!

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