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What's The Function Of Silicone Bracelets For Festivals?

Published byEdith atJuly 16,2020

The function of silicone bracelets in modern social life

Everyone knows the basic function of silicone bracelets is the decorative. Do you know the other effect it represents? Let's find out what our unique silicone bracelets do.

The function of silicone bracelets in modern social life

Silicone bracelet can be with a variety of colors, fluorescent, luminous and so on. Because it uses silicone raw materials, the product itself is soft and flexible, not easy to deform, eco-friendly, non-toxic and odorless, stable chemical properties, wear-resistant and non-cracking, high temperature resistance, long service life, and can be in direct contacting with the skin for a long time that without causing problems. Reacts and does not irritate the skin.

Silicone bracelet is suitable for various occasions, such as entertainment and sports fields, like RFID GYM Wristbands, Xiaomi bands etc.

Silicone bracelets can be used as gifts, souvenirs, promotional items, etc. This is a kind of hot and fashionable jewelry, it is also a low-cost, high advertising effectiveness of promotional gifts. In fact, most of the silicone bracelets itself are of little practical use, just a trendy accessory. However, the English words or words on the bracelet usually reflect the beliefs and values of the wearer.

Silicone bracelets can be used as fashion accessories, product promotions, promotional items, gifts, event supplies, birthdays, parties, class reunions, field activities, meetings, weddings, education, Taobao gifts, accessories, inspirational bracelets, sports fashion bracelets. Publicity in schools, websites, and online stores has a variety of meanings.

Silicone bracelet was first popular in the United States. The first silicone bracelet produced by the world's first silicone product factory is the yellow "LIVESTRONG". All people wearing this bracelet have a common purpose: to fight disease and cancer, and to strengthen their lives.

Since then, because the silicone bracelet has the advantages of environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, soft and flexible, easy to wear, etc., it has gradually become a popular jewelry, loved by young people, and now the silicone bracelet has spread to every country of the world.