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Super Easy To Use RFID Wristband Application At Water Park

Published byEdith atMay 29,2023

Use RFID Wristband Application At Water Park

According to news reports, Colorado Springs that owned by the Great Wolf Lodge Water Park Resort (GWRI) in Colorado, has begun using RFID system and RFID wristband application. The water park covers an area of 79,000 square meters, and is equipped with 13 water slides, a four-story "Tree House Water Castle" and many other attractions and facilities.

RFID System & RFID wristband Application

Every guest will receive a waterproof silicone RFID wristband after check-in at the resort. The logic of rfid wristband application is simple and interesting. The wristband contains a securely sealed chip that is bound to an alphanumeric code. Access or purchase rights are assigned within the code. When the RFID wristband reader scan the chip, the information is transferred to the reader. These codes are unique and are automatically deleted when the visitor leaves, that eliminating the possibility of duplication.

Closed Style F08 Chip RS-CW003 RFID Silicone Wristbands For Sale

The securely sealed part of the waterproof RFID wristband is 13.56MHz passive RFID inlay. The RFID inlay chip have many options: NXP ICODEE® SLIX,Mifare Ultralight®, Mifare®1K, Mifare Ultralight®C etc.

RFID wristband readers are deployed in the water park, which are installed at the front desk, restaurants and retail sales points, etc., so that guests can easily buy food, gifts or enjoy spa treatments.
This RFID wristband can be used for keyless entry, food purchases, game tokens, water park vouchers and other applications. The RFID silicone wristband can also be used to identify visitors. For hotel room voucher applications, the contactless interface of this smart wristband provides higher security than traditional magnetic stripe key card. In addition, because tourists wear smart RFID wristbands with them, they are also more difficult to forget and lose than traditional magnetic stripe cards. RFID wristband application due to applicable conditions, in addition to waterproof silicone, there are woven, PVC, paper and other different materials meet the requirements of various projects. offers the best price and quality, and trust RFIDSilicone wristband for easier management and payment.

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