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Why are RFID silicone bracelets commonly used in GYM and SPA

Published byEdith atMarch 23,2023

RFID (Radio-frequency identification) technology is a tiny chip that holds unique ticket information or information about an attendee. This chip can be placed inside a wearable, like a silicone bracelets, which is called an RFID silicone bracelets. 

Custom RFID silicone bracelets are more and more common

In addition to the full of youthful vitality, and people like these fashionable wristbands to adorn themselves and add color to their dress. RFID silicone braceles has "three-proof features": waterproof, moisture-proof, shock-proof and high temperature resistance; closed-loop wristband is flexible, easy to wear, practical and convenient; even if it is immersed in water for a long time, it can be swiped normally. My partner Iris Xie states that the RFID silicone wristbands are pretty much indestructible. Don't worry about getting them wet either. The wristbands can survive being submerged in up to 18 inches of water.

In that case, RFID silicone bracelets are widely used in NFC mobile payments, hospitals (maternal and baby wristbands), swimming pools, cold storage, field operations and other extremely humid environments, even in harsh conditions such as long-term immersion in water. 

RFID silicone bracelets for GYM

Silicone RFID bracelets is very suited for the gyms and sports clubs. Because It is  comfortable,easy clean and durable. For the member management application as gyms, you need the customized RFID Gym bracelets could be reusable and keep new look in several years. Our company high-quality silicone RFID bracelets could fit this.

RFID silicone bracelets for GYM

RFID silicone bracelets for Spa

In the spa, you have to store all the value, clothes, and the most troublesome thing is to keep the storage keys. If the key is missing, all values will be lost. When you want to pay a bill, you must take out your wallet. In the spa, it is easy to hurt yourself with the key if you are not careful. At this time, all your relaxation plans are completely destroyed. RFID silicone bracelets is good to solve the issue. Once you enter the spa, wear the RFID bracelets first, then relax yourselves totally. If you want to buy something, say goodbye to pick out your wallet, just keep the post of lying, waiters will take the handheld RFID reader comes to your place, you just wave your hand with the RFID silicone bracelets.

RFID silicone bracelets for Spa

Why RFID silicone bracelets are good choices for spas? The most basic is waterproof, spa or hydrotherapy. As we know, essential oils are essential. If there are spots on the RFID silicone bracelets, don' t worry, just wash it. More importantly, disinfection with alcohol can make the client more comfortable.

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