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Why Does The Custom RFID Silicone Bracelet Pattern Fall off?

Published byEdith atJuly 12,2020

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Silicone decoration is now the popular in craft jewelry, a variety of decorations have become customized gift, like custom RFID silicone bracelet, silicone hot water bag, silicone fitness accessories etc. The main important from silicone materials, most of which are inseparable from its craft and appearance treatment, such as sun-dried, multi-color Three-dimensional, fuel-injection texture and silk screen pattern, etc. Among the silicone gifts, the main category is custom RFID silicone bracelet. Silk screen design on the bracelet has become the mainstream today. But many silk-screen printing of bracelet faded wearing after a period of time. Why is there such a problem?

Let's take a custom RFID silicone bracelet as an example

The main reasons for printing silicone bracelets are the following:

Ink problem

The ink purchased by the silicone bracelet or RFID silicone bracelet manufacturer or the ink prepared by the manufacturer is not well prepared. The diluent is very important. If there is an error in the matching degree of the modulation, more or less will cause an incompatible reaction between the ink and the silica gel body. For example, the silk-screen is not clear, the ink is used for a period of time to fall, the silk-screen pattern is cracked, and the ink level is unequal.

Process problems

Silicone jewelry or RFID silicone bracelet silk screen process method is very important, such as how to position and how to screen, especially in the silk printing, whether there is residue in the printed part of the product, silicone rubber products indicate that too dirty will lead to the adsorption of screen printing ink, so many silicone items manufacturers will first carry out the product to clean.

Baking problem

It is the main reason: many silicone wristband or RFID silicone bracelet are baked at high temperature after silk-screen printing, but still easy falling down, this is a very important relationship between the oven problem, different products the baking temperature is different, so it is very important to properly control the product! The second is the speed of the oven tunnel. If it is too fast, it may not be air-dried. Therefore, The silk-screen pattern needs to be fully cured before it can achieve the effect of not losing ink.

Use for a period times to drop, and the previous period is really good, the reason is that the ink appears aging phenomenon, peel strength, wear resistance, and gloss effect can not be achieved, which is mainly based on ink as the main problem Point, so printing with high quality ink can keep the printing quality of silicone jewelry or RFID silicone bracelet.

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