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RFID Bracelets Help Enable Fast Access Control & Cashless Payment

Published byEdith atJune 24,2024

RFID Bracelets Help Enable Fast Access Control & Cashless Payment

RFID bracelets can be applied to achieve fast access control and cashless payment

If your workplace is a place with access control systems such as concerts, bars, theme parks, etc., when RFID technology and systems (RFID systems/software, RFID reading and writing devices, and RFID bracelets wristbands, etc.) are used, customers can check at the front desk. Sign up for an account and get their own RFID wristband bracelets.

RFID technology improves fast check-in

When your clients come to concerts, bars and theme parks, they will be able to: 

First, get into the venue quickly 

RFID gates can be installed at the entrance and exit, and customers can use RFID wristbands to enter the venue easily and quickly. 
The benefits are obvious: allowing customers to pass through and enter quickly, which improves the user experience; does not require multiple staff to manually check tickets and reduces errors. 

Second, enjoy the cashless payment 

For example, in an on-site bar or amusement park, customers need to buy and pay for drinking or playing games. If RFID wristbands are used, customers can use the RFID wristbands at the bar or game entrance to touch the RFID reading and writing equipment (some personnel can enter) Consumption amount or set a fixed amount, etc.), then pay easily without cash, and finally return to the reception desk after the customer's trip,   settle the total consumption recorded by the RFID wristband and return the RFID wristband. 
Of course, the above are our RFID solutions. The specific implementation needs to be based on the operation mode of these places. We can provide all RFID hardware equipment (readers, antennas, RFID wristbands, RFID tags, etc.). Welcome to learn more

You don't have an RFID system

If you don't have an RFID system yet? 

Normally we suggest you find a software company to help you with the software in your local place, better for your after-sale service. We could offer you the rfid products and rfid reader. We do customized designs for products for you.

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