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The Trend of RFID Technology in Intelligent Animal Husbandry Industry

Published byEdith atMarch 23,2023

RFID technology livestock management for farm

With the development of RFID technology, the application becomes more and more extensive, and the animal husbandry industry occupies an important position in the lives of our people.

From the perspective of livestock breeding management, livestock epidemic management is very important. For example, the previous African swine fever incident caused serious losses for many farms and seriously affected the development of the national economy. Technology, scale, and intelligent management have become new development ideas for animal husbandry production.

Performance advantages of RFID technology livestock farm management

The animal livestock management system based on RFID technology has the following advantages:

  1. Adopting Inductive data collection, that is, the current information can be read out by simply shaking the collector on the ear tag attachment at the inspection point, and the operation is simple and convenient.
  2. The ear tag does not need wiring, it is easy to install, and the setting of coding and the increase and decrease of inspection points are also simple and convenient.
  3. The system tag has a unique ID code, which is durable, and the information cannot be tampered with or copied.
  4. Intelligent tracking and management of each livestock, the source of the disease can be traced as soon as the epidemic occurs, so as to achieve timely prevention and control, trace the root cause, and reduce the loss of livestock to the lowest point.
  5. Information management, transparency and timeliness, all levels of managers can simply manage through the network, and quickly inquire about various feeding information.

RFID technology livestock farm management can strengthen the control and prevention of livestock diseases, which not only simplifies the management process of livestock farms, but also strengthens the protection of meat food safety.

Intelligent livestock farm management has gradually appeared in major farms. Animals wear RFID ear tags from birth, and read information back to the RFID system through RFID ear tag readers. RFID technology is suitable for animals in various breeding farms, and provides scientific and automated management for livestock farm management.

RFID Technology Livestock Management VS Traditional Livestock Management

The transformation of livestock farm management from traditional to RFID  intelligent is a process in which RFID technology changes the state of breeding. RFID technology is also constantly being improved, and it is expected to completely replace traditional livestock farm management methods in the future.

Livestock management type Traditional livestock management RFID technology livestock management
Breeding method One-by-one free-range farming, factory farming Large-scale farming
Breeding scale Small-scale farming Large-scale farming
Cost input Need a lot of manpower and material resources Less manpower, technology and equipment investment
Production reproduction Slow production speed and long reproduction cycle Large feeding volume, relatively fast growth, high economic benefits
Feeding method Artificial feeding Mechanical automatic feeding
Epidemic prevention and control The inability to understand the growth of animals in time has led to a large number of livestock deaths. Know the types and growth conditions of animals in time, improve management efficiency and enhance the survival rate of animals.

From the perspective of traditional animal live management, it is impossible to know the epidemic situation of animals in time, resulting in a large number of animal deaths and huge losses; at the same time, artificial feeding consumes a lot of manpower and material resources, and cannot always grasp the situation of the livestock farm and make timely breeding adjustments. . After the introduction of RFID technology for livestock farm management, the above problems have been gradually solved, and timely understanding of the types, epidemics, and numbers of animals has improved management efficiency and enhanced the survival rate of animals, which has attracted the attention of farmers.

RFID animal ear tags and RFID reader

In the RFID livestock farm management solution, the use of hardware equipment such as RFID animal ear tags and RFID animal ear tag readers is essential, and has become one of the management methods of the farm. RFID technology has gradually penetrated into the weighing platform and milking on automatic equipment such as stations, access control, automatic feeding stations, and animal tracking management.

In the intelligent RFID animal live management, combining RFID technology, using RFID tags as the carrier, and computer network technology as a means, through identification coding, identification wearing, identification, information entry and transmission, data analysis and query, to achieve the integrated whole-process monitoring of livestock from birth, slaughter to consumption, it’s an organic combination of animal breeding, epidemic prevention, quarantine, and supervision. This will not only achieve rapid and accurate traceability of animal epidemics, but also strengthen the entire management of livestock poultry products “from farm to table”. So as to realize the scientific and institutionalization of animal livestock and improve the level of animal livestock management.

With the RFID technology booming, it is applied in the fields of industry, medical treatment, asset management, animal livestock management, etc. Today, we mainly analyze the RFID animal livestock management industry. The application prospect of RFID technology in animal livestock management is great, and it is expected to fully cover the animal livestock industry in the near future.

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