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What Are The Benefits of Having RFID In Tires?

Published byEdith atJune 24,2024

Smart RFID tires will be the new automotive revolution

The benefits of having RFID in tires

Smart RFID tire means that the tire is equipped with RFID. The RFID tire tag is connected to the tire. It can automatically monitor and adjust the tire's driving temperature and other data information, so that the driver or auto repair shop can keep track of the tire's running status. Smart RFID tires will be the new automotive revolution!

RFID enables the traceability of tires

The traceability of RFID Tire: It is required that data be formed at each stage of the tire manufacturing-factory-use (including repair and refurbishment)-scrap process, which is recorded in the RFID tire tag and can be read and consulted at any time. The contents of the RFID tire tag record will include: tire identity (ie tire brand, production serial number, DOT code, production plant address, production date), tire household registration (ie loading information, usually including car spindle number, rim number) , Tire usage (that is, tire temperature, inflation pressure, speed, force, deformation, etc., as well as previous refurbishment and repair conditions when the tire is out of the car), tire scrap information (that is, scrap reason, scrap date).

RFID allows the temperature of the tire to be monitored and recorded

Generally, the temperature of tires gradually rises due to heat generation during driving, and the high temperature accelerates the degradation of high polymers such as rubber and cords, thereby shortening the service life of the tires. The RFID tire temperature monitoring system consists of two parts: the RFID temperature sensing tag implanted in the tire carcass is responsible for detecting and transmitting tire temperature data; the RFID reader installed in the car cab receives the data and displays the data on the terminal.

RFID makes tires explosion-proof and anti-theft

Smart RFID tires combined with RFID tire solutions can automatically buzzer alarms when encountering the following situations:
1. The tire temperature exceeds the set value;
2. Someone steals the tires.
This RFID tire will enable the driver to know the tire condition at any time, do a good job of maintenance in time, and extend the service life of the tire.

Reduce tire quality control costs

Smart RFID tire means that the tire is equipped with RFID

The difference between RFID tires and ordinary tires is that RFID tire tags are installed in the sidewalls. The tire serial number, production date, production plant code and other information are written in the tire production plant, and then the vehicle identification number is written on the assembly line of the automobile manufacturing plant. In this way, assuming that a certain batch of tires has quality problems, it can be traced back to reduce the scope of the recall of the problematic tires.
Many tire manufacturers such as Michelin have developed a variety of smart tire technologies and products such as Michelin RFID tires. The intelligence of tires is not only a revolution in the tire itself, but also leads to changes in tire manufacturing technology and production equipment. RFIDsilicone has focused on R&D and production of RFID tag products for 16 years. If you want to know more about RFID tire tags, please contact us ([email protected]).

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